Disposable Safety Syringe with Needles

Disposable Safety Syringe with Needles

The safety syringe are assembled by the safety hypodermic needle, barrel, plunger and gasket. Cover the safety needle cap manually after use to activate the safety mechanism, which can avid nurse's hand being hurt.


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Product Description:

The safety syringes are assembled by a safety hypodermic needle, a barrel, a plunger and a gasket. Cover the safety needle cap manually after use to activate the safety mechanism, which can avid nurse's hand being hurt.

It is a single-use, sterile medical device, intended to inject the drug or take out the blood for patient.


Product Feature:

1) Different volume, meet different requirements;

2) Central luer slip/ Central luer lock/ Eccentric luer slip/ Eccentric luer lock are optional;

3) Special designed lock in the protective cap provide complete protect for both patients and nurses after use;

4) Simple and easy operation to activate the safety mechanism;

5) Safety cap is color coded for instant identification of needle size.

Product specification:

* Needle size according to customer’s requirements

Ref No.






Luer slip




Luer lock /Luer slip




Luer lock /Luer slip




Luer lock /Luer slip/

Eccentric lock/Eccentric slip




Luer lock /Luer slip/

Eccentric lock/Eccentric slip




Luer lock /Luer slip


Application Methods:

Step1: Preparation—— Peel off the package to take out the safety syringe, pull back the safety cover away from the needle and take off the needle cover;

Step2: Aspiration—— Draw up medication in accordance with the protocol;

Step3: Injection—— Administer medication according to protocol;

Step4: Activation——After injection, immediately activate safety cover as follows:

4a: Holding the syringe, put center thumb or forefinger on the finger pad area of the safety cover. Push the cover forward over the needle until hearing it is locked;


4b: Lock the contaminated needle by pushing the safety cover against any flat surface until hearing it is locked;


Step5: Throw——Throw them into the sharps container.

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