1ml Safety AD Syringe

1ml Safety AD Syringe

AD syringe can only guarantee the syringe won’t be used twice times, while the “safety” mechanism could further ensure the contaminated needle tip won’t be exposed to any person, including the nurses, waste disposal man, etc.


Product description:
1ml safety AD syringe is suitable for the injection of a small volume drug. 0.01ml scale interval is beneficial to control the accuracy of injection volume. While the needle was retracted into the barrel, follow-up handlers won’t be hurt by the needle tip any more.

Product details:

Beneifs of safety AD SYIRNGE

Product specification:

1ML safety AD syringe, needle size varies from 23G to 25G.

*Transparent needle cap.

*Low dead space, conform to the International Standard.

*Extended printing scale, solving the medicine residual problem.

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