Needleless Syringes Solve Many Hazards

Needleless Syringes Solve Many Hazards

Dec 01, 2019

1. In terms of psychology, it is widely accepted that doctors should help patients relieve psychological pressure, improve patient compliance, and eliminate fear of needles.

2. Since the injection was made subcutaneously, the injection was completed in 0.3 seconds, the patient felt almost no pain.

3. The irregular operation of repeated use of needles by most patients has been completely solved.

4. Needle-free syringes use subcutaneous diffusion technology. After the drug enters the skin, it is absorbed by more capillaries, which improves drug availability. After a long-term injection, it will not cause subcutaneous fat hyperplasia and hardening, it can also solve the problem of insulin resistance, control the glycated hemoglobin value, reduce the delay of diabetes complications caused by diabetes.