MEDLINE Sugrical Mask Fighting Againt COVID-19 Effectively!

MEDLINE Sugrical Mask Fighting Againt COVID-19 Effectively!

Jun 18, 2020

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, Medline has started devoting to the investment and manufacturing of Disposable Face mask. 

With a workshop qualifying 100,000 GMA (Good Manufacturing Practice) standard, conforming to GMP production standard, we have developed Medical Masks meeting standards of YY0969, YY0469, GB19083, the corresponding EU standard is EN14683 (Type II and Type IIR). Especially the 3D type, with the introduction of the Japanese machine, it can make breathe less resistant with more comfortable wearing experience and more suitable for the children.

For civil use, we developed the coventional KN95 and new 3D KN95 masks, meeting standards of GB2626. The coventional KN95 also reaches EU FFP2 requirements. 

With decades of experience in producing and exporting Medical Device, we insist on providing our customers with the best service. You won't regret choosing us!