MEDLINE Contributes To COVID-19 Vaccine Development

MEDLINE Contributes To COVID-19 Vaccine Development

Sep 03, 2020

MEDLINE Contributes to COVID-19 Vaccine Development

On the 73rdWorld Health Assembly, Chinese President Xi Jinping stated that China would make COVID-19 vaccine a universal product when finishing research and test, making it accessible and affordable for developing countries. 

     Fortunately, via doctors’ and scientists’ hard work to all lengths, promising progress has been made, meeting scientific laws and management. To live up to the national expectation for COVID-19 vaccine, as a professional medical supply technology company, MEDLINE has been dedicated to perfecting its products to satisfy the requirements of COVID-19 vaccine injection, following international regulations and relevant laws.

    MEDLINE’s Safety Cap Syringe and Safety Vaccine Syringe reduce the risk of accidental injuries and affection in injection by protective caps and delicate design. The specifications of the syringes are 0.05ml, 0.1ml, 0.5ml, 1ml and 3ml, meeting all kinds of practical use. The convenient operability greatly lightens the workload of medical staff.

    MEDLINE will walk its walk, talk its talk, continually giving out qualified products to guarantee the safety of medical staff and patients, making accessible and affordable contributions to the fight against COVID-19.