Pre-filled Vaccine Syringes

Pre-filled Vaccine Syringes

Feb 02, 2021

In addition to bottled vaccines, pre-filled needles and their production lines have recently become the focus of the market.

Pre-filled needles technology has two main advantages, first is it is easy to use, provides fast injection efficiency, Second is it can avoid contamination, avoid needle tip passivation caused by piercing rubber in the process of liquid preparation, and generates less medical wastes.

Although the pre-filled needles have obvious advantages, they also have the disadvantages of large volume, inconvenient transportation and storage. Pre-filled needles are also more expensive than the ‘vaccine bottle and syringe combination’.

However, some insiders believe that in the case of shortage of vaccine glass bottles, the existing ampoule bottles and penicillin bottles may be eliminated, and the pre-filled needle technology has become the development trend.

Pre-filled Vaccine Syringe