Medical Materials of Vaccine Bottle

Medical Materials of Vaccine Bottle

Feb 02, 2021

Not all glass jars can be used to perfusion vaccines. Due to the high storage requirements and production requirements, the vaccine is doomed to be unable to use the ordinary loading technology, must use the borosilicate glass. The borosilicate glass is acid and alkali corrosion resistant, strong, not easy to break, and owns stable chemical properties.

Borosilicate glass can be divided into low borosilicate glass and medium borosilicate glass. The biggest difference between the two lies in the ability to resist temperature change. During the vaccine production process, it is likely to involve high temperature drying, low temperature freeze drying and other processes. Low borosilicate glass is easy to expand in heat and cold contraction and burst. Thus the middle-borosilicate glass was naturally the only choice for the new crown vaccine.

In addition to medium borosilicate glass, rubber stoppers are also essential accessories for vaccine bottles. For example, the penicillin bottle should be equipped with a rubber stopper and an aluminum cap. The stopper of the penicillin bottle is made of halogenated butyl rubber, which has the characteristics of air tightness, water resistance and heat resistance.

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