Company Profile

Yangzhou Medline Medical Industry Co., Ltd. ("MEDLINE") is an innovative medical supply technology company integrated with production, marketing, and scientific research. MEDLINE officially started production since the beginning of 2007 and scaled up in 2019, presently covering an area of 30,000 square meters, which included a 11,000-square-meter workshop qualifying 100,000 GMA (Good Manufacturing Practice) standard.

Since its foundation, MEDLINE has been dedicated to the manufacture, distribution, research and development of safety medical device under the idea of "human-orientation", protecting millions of medical staff and patients from risks associated with needle stick injury. Its advanced concept of humanistic care makes MEDLINE internationally renowned.

mask machine 2  3D mask  KN95 Mask

Having a profound comprehension of international standards of safety medical device, MEDLINE has introduced 5S Production Management System from Japan into its automatic production sterilization system, and constantly researches and innovates new products, adhere to provide users and dealers with high-quality products.

MEDLINE's core products include: Medical MasksSurgical MasksMedical Protective MasksChildren MasksFFP2 MasksKN95 Masks3D Medical MasksSafety Vaccine Syringes, Disposable Safety Syringes, Safety Needles, Safety Scalp Vein Sets, Safety Blood Collection Needles, Safety Insulin Syringes, Auto-destroy Syringes, Insulin Syringes, Anesthesia Needles, Three-way Valves, Urine Bags, Surgical Brushes, etc.

KN95 Medical Protective Mask     3D protective mask      Children Face Mask

          (1) KN95 Mask                                                                       (2) 3D KN95 Mask                                                                   (3)children Face Mask

MEDLINE's certificates include: CE, ISO, FDA, TGA, CFDA, INMETRO,GMP. The Masks also passed the certification tests of EN14683, EN149 FFP2, GB2626, GB19083 and the recognition of CFDA. MEDLINE is one of the few manufacturers who have obtained the Chinese Registration Certificate for Medical Protective Face Maks.

At present, MEDLINE's annual production capacity of safety needle is nearly 500 million pieces, that of safety cap syringes is about 300 million pieces, that of safety retractable insulin syringe is 300 million pieces, and that of disposable syringe 500 million pieces. MEDLINE's extraordinary performance in production capacity and product quality is assured by its high performance molding machines, full-automatic assembly and packaging machines, electronic detection machines.

MEDLINE is armed with a strong technical force of 15 engineers, holding over 40 patents. Most of the patents are safety products, including International Invention Patents for Safety Needles and Safety Retractable Insulin Needles welcomed in 48 countries.

MEDLINE has been adhering to the "human-oriented" concept, regarding "care for life, quality first, scientific and technological innovation, pragmatic and efficient" as the purpose of the enterprise. MEDLINE will continually protect the safety of medical staff, patients, and the environment by providing innovative and high-quality medical devices, developing more and more new products for the market.

Your Safety, Our Care!